Ministry Committees


Cross Roads United Methodist Church


Distributes the Good News of Cross Roads through E-News, Website, Facebook, Phone Tree, email and more.

Congregational Care

Caring for one another is a top priority. Please call the church office if you or a loved one is facing challenges of any kind. We will immediately reach out with prayer and support.


We believe Christian Education guides our spiritual growth. It begins in our first years and lasts throughout the rest of our lives. Classes and studies are varied and many.

Finance Committee

Being good stewards of the funds given to Cross Roads is a primary goal of CRUMC. We are blessed to have a dedicated group of members who oversee this very important task.


Join us before and after worship for a generous offering of fruit, pastries, coffee, tea and/or juice. **subject to COVID-19 guidelines**

Praise Team

Our music ministry plays a vital role in providing a mix of traditional and current favorites that help worshippers respond to God’s love and grace with praise and gratitude.


The Staff & Parish Relations Committee ensures that Cross Roads personnel and members are able to perform their duties in positive and productive ways.


this dedicated group oversees the maintenance and repair of our church facilities and grounds.


For members and friends who can’t come to Cross Roads, our visitation team goes to them to bring friendship and church/pastoral care.

Welcome & Evangelism

The warm welcome to Cross Roads begins as soon as our members and guests step out of their car and lasts until the drive away.